In Her Words    

“This artwork appears to translate the realisation, that I am not the doer of what is created but the instrument, through which creativity emerges.

The paintings are a flow from Source. They begin with a poem, prayer or meditation which expresses itself in an energetic synthesis through colour texture and light. These paintings reflect an almost nuclear perspective, seeing everything at its vibrational origin and the unity therein. I feel more concerned with the process of painting than the goal, which is, the great unknown.

To me painting is an unveiling, that can reveal and reflect the timeless, aware presence, hidden within the appearance of form. I feel art has the power to bring us fully into the present moment inducing a shift in perspective, allowing the mind to turn inward to stillness, back to that which is witnessing.”

Chetana Thornton
mobile: +44 (0)7877 972 311
email: chetanathorntonart@gmail.com
skype: chetana108